Preparing Property for Photographer


Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your photo shoot. The goal is to create dynamic marketing photos that will show off your home to potential buyers!

Remember that the very first showing that you will get will be by a prospective buyer who is looking at your home on the internet.   You only have one chance at a good “first impression”!  In that moment, that they will decide if they want to come out and take a closer look. You simply don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Check List fnterioror Marketing Photos.

1. Put garbage cans, recycles bins, and hoses inside the garage.

2. Cars should be out of the driveway and parked away from the house.

3. Open all the blinds. Turn on ceiling lights. Turn off TV and computer monitors.

4. Bathroom counter tops, baths and showers should be clear of any objects. Put away all soap, shampoo, bottles, tooth brushes, waste papers baskets, and please clean bathroom mirrors.

5. Bedrooms should be clutter free, hide wires, beds nicely made and toys put away.

6. Kitchen counter tops should be mostly clear of objects. Remove all outside clutter from refrigerator, like magnets, and photos. Remove soap bottles, rags, dish rack, etc.

7. Pick up all pet beds, dishes, toys, waste paper baskets, and kitchen garbage cans.

8. Remove family photos, and put away personal objects and valuables. Remove any shoes or coat racks from entry area. Pick up small area rugs around the house.

9. Yard and deck should be clutter free.

10. A vase of flowers will look great in any room, especially kitchen and bathrooms.

11. Most importantly, these things need to be done before the photographer arrives.

When the photographer arrives, please move to a part of the home not currently in the shoot.  This will allow photographer to focus on the best shot, rather than trying to keep people out of the photos!

It’s up to you get your home ready for photos. And it is up to the photographer to find the right angles and positive selling features. When we all do a good job, you will definitely increase the likelihood for people to take the time to put your home on their “Must See” list!